Great Service? Who Cares? I Can Offer Great Service ++

The real estate industry is highly competitive, if not “cut-throat” competitive.  With many agents, a dire economic outlook, and sales at low levels, agents are clawing over each other to gain clients. With that, I have had to purchase a horn and learn how to toot it… I’m allowed, because after all, it’s my horn.

Listening to the radio, reading print advertising, and viewing online social media ads I see basically EVERY agent is trying to market themselves by way of “I offer great service to my clients.”

As an agent, I have to sit back and think to myself: Great Service? Who cares? Everyone says they have great service! If I was a buyer or seller in todays market, I wouldn’t only want the great service that is being advertised.

I would want MUCH MORE.

1. Great service means nothing to my buyers or sellers if I can’t provide information to them in an understandable, easily “digestable” way.

2. Great service doesn’t matter to them if I can’t, by my knowledge, experience, and abilities, reduce or eliminate their liability and exposure for their transaction.

3. Great service doesn’t matter if I forget to add an element to a contract so they’re protected from a potential pitfall.

4. Great service doesn’t matter if my buyers or sellers don’t know what’s happening in the market as a whole, and in their target market.

5. Great service doesn’t matter if I’m more concerned about them liking what I have to say, rather than respecting and trusting me for being honest and straight-forward.

And by #5 above, I’m not saying I’m mean, uncaring, or unapproachable… In fact, I’m saying the exact opposite!

What I am saying is that it’s not so much that I answer my calls (I do), but rather that my clients are provided the tools necessary to make confident decisions for their transaction, based on their specific situation.

What I am saying is that I’m here to be your trusted, respected advisor whom you can count on to deliver the information and tools you need to be confident you’re making the right decision, paying the best price, and accepting the best terms and conditions.

“GREAT SERVICE” is SO MUCH MORE than simply answering the phone. So I guess maybe you should care about great service… Just not the basic “great service” many agents are offering.

Also, toot toot.